Solar Winds Desert Power Plant to harness clean energy for local grids

In the realm of design and architectural innovation, recent trends show an inclination toward going green, sustainable and versatile. A few days back we had covered the design concept of the Solar Vineyard Winery, conceptualized by Michael Jantzen. And once again we are here to talk about another interesting effort of his, the Solar Winds Desert Power Plant.

Desert Power Plant by Michael Jantzen

Designed for arid climates, the Solar Winds Desert Power Plant is proposed for large public gathering places, located amidst public parks. Serving as a multipurpose structure, it will be used for harnessing the energy of the wind and the sun, distribute this energy to the local power grid and also serve to shade people from the scorching heat.

The structure is designed like the leaves of a plant that have been deliberately upturned. In fact, to be precise there are 24 such leaves. For capturing the energy from the sun, solar cells have been mounted on top of the leaves of this symbolic structure. For the wind energy, there are large vertical axis wind turbines that make the flower part of the plant.

For making it people friendly, a circular bench has been placed along the axis and visitors can enjoy a comfortable recess, shaded away from the heat of the desert sun. The similarity that this proposal of Jantzen has with his other designs is that like them, this too derives its inspiration from the inner workings of nature. Symbolically as well as physically, it hints at the ways in which the natural world appears and operates.

Thanks: Michael Jantzen

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