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How to make a solar powered fountain

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Solar powered fountain

A solar power fountain runs on the solar power in spite of those that run on electricity with standard mechanism. Instead it gets the solar energy from the rays coming from the sun and store them in the cells of solar panel in the form of electric energy and when you turn on the water fountain it uses the stored electric energy in the cells of solar panel to power it.

As the Spring and Summer come closer we start to dream about an ideal and peaceful patio and garden. And in these dreams there are many eye and mind soothing things like Eco-friendly lanterns, aromatic flowers all around and of course a low and melodious sound of bubbling water from a mesmerizing fountain. As fountains are becoming more popular day by day and if you like finding new stuff for your garden then a solar power fountain can be something that will add richness to the appearance of your garden but will bag you appreciation as well. Thus installing one in your garden will save money and energy but you can get rid of the wires that the conventional fountains come with.

Difficulty Level: moderate

Time Required: 1-2 hours.

Resources Required


1. A Drill Machine

2. Drill Bit

3. Router

4. Lathe (if required)

5. A Handsaw


1. Floating Solar fountain

2. A pot

3. Bamboo

4. ABS pipe (2 segment)

5. Vinyl tubing

6. Lacquer

7. End caps (2)

8. Shrink tubing

9. AA Rechargeable batteries

10. Epoxy

11. ABS pipe cement

12. Wire

Estimate Cost

This project can be completed in a budget of around $50 (not a big budget for a fascinating fountain) as you have to purchase the various items necessary for its making.


1. After you purchased everything the very first step is to dis-assemble the solar fountain. This is the most arduous and crucial step but it has its own sweet rewards as you will get two solar panels and a pump after dis-assembling the solar fountain. You can use a drill or even cut it apart into two halves to get these components from it.

2. Now cut the bamboo according to your personal choice (the height you want to give your project)

3. After this measure the pipe with one cap on and dry fit the two halves.

4. Glue the cap on the top first. As the caps are domed, route a small trough near the edge and drill some holes to get the maximum of water.

5. Now to hold the bamboo upright make a plug on the cap which is on the top or you can epoxy the bamboo on the top cap.

6. Now drill some holes for the wires and tubing. The wires and solar panels will be outside the pot. So as to protect the wires from coming into contact with the water use shrink tubing.

7. Now connect the wires the the pump to the solar panel but before connecting them place a battery between them so that the solar energy can be stored in it in the form of electric energy and while the sun is out then it can provide the required energy.

8. Assemble the fountain without gluing anything and check whether everything fits in. If you are satisfied then lacquer up the bamboo and then twine it from all around and let it dry.

9. You can use small stones or pebbles like those in aquarium to give your fountain more natural look and it will cover the ABS pipe and the cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use the solar fountain during night?

Ans: Yes of course it can be used 24×7. In the solar fountain, the solar energy is stored in the cells of solar panel in the form of electric energy and when the sun is gone the cells of solar panel provide the required and stored electric energy to the fountain for its functioning.

Q2: How can I boost the performance of my solar fountain?

Ans: You can boost the performance of your solar fountain by simply using more powerful pump, powerful batteries and a bigger solar panel.

Quick Tips

  • Follow stepwise instructions to avoid any clumsy scenario or confusing moments.
  • Before giving the final touch to the project make sure that everything is perfectly alright and the whole stuff fits in the pot perfectly and also the wire are absolutely secure from the water and there is a way out for them.

Things to watch out for

1. The solar panel should always be facing the sun.

2. Before assembling the whole project make sure that the wires have a way out.

3. To avoid any accident or shocking scenarios use of a shrink tubing is a must.

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