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Wheels: SEAT all-electric car

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SEAT all-electric car

The green machine

Due to globalization, usage of the technology has increased rapidly. Things get completed at faster rate with the efficient use of technology. But this rapid growth has created many problems such as an increase in pollution. Basically by the usage of automobiles that are driven with the help of petrol or diesel are mostly responsible for this. Due to the soot, known as carbon monoxide released by the vehicles, has many poisonous chemicals which are very dangerous, which indeed decreases the lifespan.

Usage of electric cars is the best suitable solution to this problem. They are eco friendly. They can be driven using electricity, which does not release any harmful chemicals into the surroundings. South African company named SEAT is striving very hard to bring the car of one of this type. It had given the presentation about this kind of model named SEAT Leon twin drive in 2009 in front of Spanish government and some of Volkswagen officials. Main reason for developing eco friendly car is to decrease the air pollution, and to reduce the effect of global warming.

Green factor

SEAT electric car is designed with environmentally friendly tuned combustion engine, thereby reducing the effect of pollution. It doesn’t emit any of the harmful gases which are not good for the environment. It has all the features that usually a luxurious car has. This car is modified version of SEAT Leon , with different gear box, different fuel. Main aim of this car is low consumption of power and to produce environmental friendly carbon monoxide levels. The SEAT Leon model discussed here will use ingenious twin drive technology hence the name SEAT Leon twin drive.

The powertrain

It is designed with an electric motor with 35Kw of output, converted to Hp its output is 47Hp not too bad. The electric motor is combined with internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine is used in here to generate the electric power by spinning of the electric motor, which is used either to recharge the batteries or power the motor drives directly. Its main intention is to develop Plug in electric powered vehicles.

Coming to its performance, its maximum speed is 100km/h. For a short distance you can use Li-ion batteries. it gives nearly50-70 km with full charging of battery or by full usage of internal combustion engine. The present model has range of 50 km based on full battery charge. It is very economical when compared to presently used fuels like petrol and diesel.

The highs

The important feature of this electric car is that it is driven by electricity and not by the natural fuels like petrol, ethanol,gasoline which are very dangerous to atmosphere. Not only this SEAT leon twin drive but also many hybrid electric cars have been developed to decrease the air pollution which in turn decreases the global-warming. Toyota high lander hybrid, Chevrolet silverado hybrid, Saturn vue green line comes under this category.

The lows

Range of presently discussed model by SEAT is only 50 km with fully charged battery, which is very low. Need to be recharged for every 50km. So this car is not presently suitable for long drive of 400-500 km. It also Produces very low power.Initial cost is very high.

Cost and availability

Initial cost of the SEAT leon twin drive is around 9.5 lacs. As it requires an electric motor with internal combustion engine initial cost is more. This electric car is available by the end of 2014. This is very useful contribution by SEAT.

The efficient usage of this electric car can be done only if is maintained well. Time to time recharging of the discharged battery must be done. Never neglect it, if not recharged instantaneously the life span of the electric motor decreases, which in turn decreases the car performance. Hence maintaining the car is most important thing to be noted. What ever SEAT is doing is only to reduce the air pollution which is the basic cause for many health problems. This car finds a new path to full fill our dreams. It even provides all the luxuries, it is a 5 door ,5 seat hatchback model. Good maintenance of the car can yield good results.

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