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Smart ways to go about that sustainable and beautiful garden you wanted

by Ecofriend1874
Plant a lot of trees

Garden in your front yard or backyard not just offer a refreshing place where you can escape from regular toil and spend some quality time friends with family, but it also can help you lead a sustainable life. It may require little awareness and effort, but sustainable gardening do help you play your part in protecting the environment in this frail world of global warming or change in climate. Here we have brought some of the simple but at the same time effective gardening tips that will allow you save water and energy and thus, money while sustaining the environment.

Vegetable garden:

Senior woman holding box with vegetables

If you have adequate space in your garden, try to grow organic vegetable and fruits, alongside decorative plants, to feed your family. These plants not just keep your garden green, but also provide organic vegetables and fruits to keep you healthy. If you have surplus crop, you can even share these vegetables with your friends and neighbors. When you grow veggie and fruits in your garden, it minimizes the distance between the field and your kitchen and reduces the water and fuels for plantation and transportation respectively.

Grow native plants:

Close-up of young man's hands planting small tree in his backyard garden

When planning your garden, make sure to grow native plants in your courtyard. For this, you will have to do some research and check the plantation of your area or you can even take the advice of an expert or professional. Native plants apart from protecting the microclimate of the area also grow better and healthier even without much care. Therefore, find plants that can withstand the climate conditions, be it hot and dry, cold or even humid, to keep your garden green and sustainable.

Energy saving gardens:

Zen garden  (5)

Soaring energy bills is a common problem for every household in summers, but if you grow your plants and trees in a systemic manner, you can reduce the temperature of your home by 5 to 10° Celsius. Systematic planting not just help you keep your home cool in summers, but they also work as natural insulators, especially rooftop gardens, to preserve the heat of your home in winters. Thus, well-placed or organized gardens can help you save a lot of energy on cooling and warming your home.

Optimum use of natural water sources:

Rain water harvesting (2)

When watering your gardening, ensure that you use minimum or no water from municipal or private sources and have a rainwater harvesting system in place. It will not only reduce your water bills but also provide constant supply of water to keep your garden lush green throughout the year.

Sustainable gardening in a new trend these days, as it not just help homeowners reduce the energy and water bills but also helps them minimize the carbon footprints and thus sustain the environment.

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