Quick ideas for greater energy efficiency in the kitchen

With lots of kitchen appliances and gadgets, kitchen is possibly the largest consumer of energy in modern homes. Therefore, it becomes essential to be energy efficient in the kitchen, so that you can reduce your energy bills and thus, your carbon footprints. To be energy efficient in the kitchen, you necessarily need not to make big changes or purchase a new set of Energy Star appliances. All you need to do is be a bit careful and make some simple changes in your habits. Here are some of the simple yet effective ways to reduce your energy consumption in your kitchen.

Change the way you cook:

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If you want to be energy efficient in your kitchen, you will have to be a bit clever with your cooking. Make sure to cover pans and pots to boil or cook your food, as it will not just save your time and keep the nutrients within but also save energy. Try to add the right amount of water to boil the food, for the extra water will require more energy to cook the food. When cooking food in electric cooker, turn it off a few minutes before the food is cooked, for electric hobs remain hot for about 10 minutes even when you switch them off.

Use dishwasher to clean dishes:

using dishwasher

There is a wrong perception among homeowners that dishwashers use more water and energy to clean dishes. In reality, dishwasher needs less than half the water required to clean the same amount of dishes with your hands. However, make sure to run the appliance when it is full, as most dishwashers available in the market require the same amount of electricity and water whether full or not.

Use and maintain your fridge properly:

Meal time

When using fridge, make sure you do not leave the door of fridge, or freezer for that matter, open for long period. Keep it clean and defrost at regular intervals for smooth and energy-efficient functioning. Last but not the least; avoid keeping hot food in the fridge, as it will take extra energy for cooling.

Use energy efficient appliances:

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When buying new appliance for your kitchen, make sure to check their energy rating, as energy star appliance require less energy and cook food quickly and easily.

When it comes to be energy efficient in the kitchen, simple things usually make big difference. Therefore, you should be a bit smart and attentive to reduce your energy consumption in the kitchen.

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