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Smart ways to recycle food waste

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We all know how important it is to recycle paper, aluminum or glass. But, how often do we think of recycling food waste? About 30% of household waste comprises of food soiled paper and food leftovers, which are ultimately dumped in overflowing landfills. Every food item found in the kitchen, like tea bags or leaves, coffee grinds, fruits or vegetable peels, etc. can be easily recycled.

Make compost

Rather than throwing kitchen leftovers and food waste in the dust bin, you can use this waste for making compost. From raw vegetable peelings to tea bags, a variety of things can be used for making compost that will feed and condition your garden soil. Food easily gets decomposed and changes into organic matter, which can be later used as a fertilizer to provide necessary nutrients required for plant growth.

Be careful not to add meat to the compost heap or bin, as it may attract animals. You can buy a bin or container for creating an artificial composting pit yourself or you can also dig a natural pit in your garden ground. Mix compost with soil and see the way your garden flourishes with vegetables and plants, without the use of harmful synthetic fertilizers, which would otherwise pollute waterways.

Organic waste recyclers

If you wish to recycle waste but are restricted due to lack of space in your house, there is happy news for you. Collect all the food waste including vegetable peels, fruit peels and leftovers and send it to the organic waste recyclers present in your city or town. Every city or town has a specified place where organic waste is collected and then recycled. You can even get a recyclers bin installed at your place. The concerned authorities will come and collect all the thrown away food once or twice a week and recycle it. Participate actively in recycling organic waste and inspire others to do the same.

Fruit peels pots

A lot of fruits, like watermelon, muskmelon and avocado, have a hard outer shell or skin, which is discarded after eating the contents. Next time when you are about to throw such shells, give it another thought as you can easily use them to plant seeds. Instead of investing money in an earthen pot, it is better to use these natural shells for growing seedlings. Once they grow, you can shift them to the garden and dump the peels or shells into the compost pit.

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