Simple tips to maintain your eco friendly car

Harmful gases emitted from the tailpipes of cars are seen as one of the important sources of environmental pollution, but have you ever thought that the balance of nature is also disturbed by the faulty carrying practices followed by us. You can do several thing to maintain your car and take good care of it, the eco friendly way. Most of the tips are simple and can be followed by anyone without any trouble.

Avoid using paper towels

Stop using paper towels for cleaning the windows and other parts of the car. You can do the same work with equal if not better efficiency using newspapers. The best thing about using newspaper and not paper towels is that the paper towels leave behind small bits of paper, which is not the case with newspaper. Newspaper is a common household item available easily and also it is cheaper than paper towel.

Wash without water

We normally waste huge amount of water in washing our car but we can reduce the use of water to a large extent by using cleaners which are derived from corn, palm, soybean and coconut derivatives. These cleaners are readily available in the market that too at an affordable price. All you need to do is spray the cleaner on the cloth and wipe the car using that cloth.

Use cotton swabs.

All of us want to keep the air inside our vehicle clean and fresh and we can do this by using inexpensive cotton swabs. You can use the cotton swabs to clean places which are normally hard-to-reach, like the airflow vents. If these vents are left to accumulate dust, it will blow inside the car when you turn on the air conditioner or the blower. Proper cleaning of air vents is necessary to avoid allergies and dust mites.

Do not stay on top of the trash

Some of us have a habit of using the backseat of the car as a garbage can; without realizing that we are ultimately polluting our own vehicle. So, it’s better to avoid dumping garbage in the back seat, and a healthy habit to dispose it immediately.

Wash your car by yourself

These days the option of automatic ‘drive-through’ car wash is becoming popular, but you should know that this practice is not environment friendly. The automatic system causes a huge wastage of both water and electricity. The products used in this system contain toxic chemicals, which are harmful for cars. It is therefore recommended that you should wash your car by yourself or take help from a professional.

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