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Simple tips to increase the fuel economy of your car

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The rising fuel prices have forced automakers to design and develop vehicles, which are fuel efficient and eco friendly as well. The owners of gasoline or diesel powered cars can also follow some simple tips in order to increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and that too within a restricted budget. These tips are indeed simple and that’s the main reason why we have a tendency to normally overlook them, but if taken seriously they will surely help us enjoy better fuel economy.

Tune your engine

Did you know that fuel efficiency is also affected due to the bad tuning of your engine? Yes, this fact is true; if your car engine is properly tuned it can increase the fuel economy of your vehicle by as much as 4% and if your car has a faulty oxygen sensor, then the fuel efficiency can go down by around 40%. It is suggested that car owners should seriously follow the recommendations or servicing guidelines provided by the company. Oil should also be changed regularly to keep your engine in good health.

Keep proper tire pressure

You can make your car more fuel efficient by maintaining optimum tire pressure. This will increase the mileage of your car by around 3.3 %. Properly inflated tires are safer and will last longer. All automakers fix a sticker that recommends the desired tire pressure and it is generally placed near the side door of the driver for easy access.

Lighten your load

Decrease the load of your car by removing unnecessary items such as extra luggage, tools, golf clubs or other items. Books, CDs, and other smaller items too add to the weight of your car and you should be avoided. You can also lighten the load of your car by removing the roof rack, when it is not required. The fuel efficiency of a typical vehicle decreases by around 2% for every extra 50 kg that it carries.

Use the recommended grade of motor oil and fuel

While changing the oil of your car, make sure that you replace it with the motor oil recommended by the manufacturer. The use of recommended oil can improve the fuel efficiency of your car by 1-2 %. Avoid the use of higher octane fuels, as they are more costly and will prove harmful for the vehicle.

Clean spark plugs

The life span of spark plugs is limited and they start eroding with the passage of time. It is recommended that the car owners should inspect the spark plugs regularly to ensure they are in good shape. Spark plugs and wires should be replaced at regular intervals because it will help the engine cylinders to fire properly, which in turn will increase fuel efficiency.

Keep the windows closed

While driving on the highway, keep the windows closed because when you drive with open windows the fuel consumption is comparatively more than keeping the air conditioner on. Although the air conditioner too should be wisely used, as it is one major cause for decreased fuel efficiency.

Don’t be a clutch-driver

If you want to increase the fuel efficiency of your car, avoid becoming a clutch-driver. Some people keep their foot on the clutch while driving, which not only harms your clutch, but also reduces mileage. This habit also reduces the life span of the clutch plate, replacing which is a costly affair.

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