Simple steps to make party jewelry from recycled beer cans

It is truly said that talent is versatile. An art lover can pump out creativity even from the garbage products. If you are fond of beer and throws away the cans right after drinking, then here is a great way for you to make the most of your creative side. You can use the aluminum cans of beer for making some chic party jewelry. Go through rest of the article to know more about the simple steps you need to follow for this purpose.

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Step-by-step Procedure

  • At first, collect a number of beer cans and wash them properly. For safety measures, put on a pair of glasses as well as leather gloves. It would help you avoid stay away from all types of injury.
  • It is important to keep all required tools and materials handy. Therefore, spread a mat and put everything on it.
  • Take a clean beer can (it must be in a good condition) and remove the top as well as the bottom part of it. Then cut it across the sealed side to turn it into a plain aluminum sheet.
  • Choose the shape of the jewelry that befits you and draw a sketch on the paper accordingly by using a marker or a pencil.
  • Cut the design from the paper carefully. Keep the shape and size intact. Now, trace the design on the aluminum sheet properly.
  • Use a jewelers’ saw and cut the traced part from the aluminum sheet gradually. Take a pair of sharp scissors and remove the sharp edges one by one in order to avoid any type of injury or scratch.
  • Make some small holes in the aluminum sheet. Try to create the holes according to the grommets. If you create holes that are too much big in size, the quality of the jewelry would be spoilt.
  • Attach the bottom grommet to the front part of the jewelry and place the grommet die on the back side.
  • Attach the washer part with the bottom grommet firmly. You can make use of a doctor tape for this.
  • Take a wooden mallet and start shaping up the framed metal sheet. You need to give the sheet a perfect form and size.
  • Attach the jewelry with the chain, pendant or any other accessory according to your need.

So, your gorgeous party jewelry is ready. Just wear it and stand apart from others!

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