Steps to make a compost bin from wood pallets

Are you looking to construct a compost bin? Tried a lot of materials but failed to get the best thing according to your requirements? Well, when it comes to making a compost bin, wood pallets are considered as one of the most excellent options because compost heap performs better when the compost bin has enough space. Generally, wood pallets are available in small retail shops and you can get them free of cost. Hence, it is always good to use wood pallets for making compost bin.

Things you will Need

The construction of a wooden pallet compost bin requires the following materials:

  • A small and separate piece of land
  • 4 duly framed wooden pallets (as per the requirement)
  • A cardboard plate
  • A few iron nails (each of them should be around 3 inches)
  • T-angles
  • A hammer
  • A bow saw
  • A screw driver
  • A long piece of rope
  • 20 ft iron wire for assembling


Steps to Follow

Compost bins can be of various types. Here, we are going to describe the step-by-step procedure for making the most simple as well as cheapest compost bin using wooden pallets:

a) Find the exact location to plant a compost bin. It is mandatory to level the surface part properly prior to making the compost plant. A fork and a roller can be used for this purpose.

b) After the surface is leveled, take two wooden pallets and place them at a ninety degree angle (perpendicularly to each other). Tie their corners firmly with the help of a wire.

c) Take other two wooden pallets and place them perpendicularly in a similar manner. Make sure that they are facing sequences. Take another wire and tie their corners strongly. You can also use T-angles to attach the wood pallets firmly with each other.

d) Wrap the piece of rope around the wood pallets and make sure that it is tight enough. Trim the extreme tops with the help of a bow saw.

e) Use the remaining part of the wire, T-angles and the nails to provide strength to the corners of the wood pallets.

Now, your compost bin is ready for use. Just add a good amount of green leaves and mash them up with soil. Pour water regularly into the bin in order to maintain the necessary moisture level. Also, cover the bin with the help of a cardboard plate. 

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