Simple steps to build a DIY wind powered water pump

If you are an eco enthusiast and want to experiment with renewable energy on your own, then there is no better option than to create a homemade, DIY wind powered water pump. It may not work as smoothly as other water pumps available in the market but with little innovation, you can modify its design and tweak it to function properly. In this article, we have discussed the basic steps to make wind powered water pump on your own.

Make preparation and get going

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You will need bicycle gears, small bolts that are perfect fit for the gears, nylon spacers, electric tape, metal brackets and PVC pipe tee. You have to use the small bolts on every other hole of the gear you use. Secure them using nylon spacers and Teflon tape.

Next task is to install the contraption of the bicycle wheel on top of the PVC tee. The vertical part of gear has to be installed at the horizontal part of the PVC. The wind foils have to be light yet sturdy. You can do this by covering silk with polyurethane. You can use plastic sheets with silk to make it lightweight.

Go slow and steady

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It is advisable that you test the parts and proceed slowly to avoid the whole thing falling apart. Drill at least five holes into the cycle wheel rims. Use plumber’s epoxy at this stage for securing the spokes, inserted from the inner side of the rim. To secure the foils, you should use spoke nuts at the end of the spokes. The horizontal force of the blowing wind has to be transferred to the water pump, so that it moves up and down and pulls water out of the pond.

You must install the wind pump connector with great care to pull the water. For making the water pump, you will need materials like PVC pipe, PVC pipe cap, metal washers, foam washers, rubber washers, PVC tee, threaded reducer, nylon barb, eyehook, bushing and ball bearing. The ball bearing and eyehook have to be installed at the top of the water pump.


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A 4” x 4” post has to be sunk into the installation ground. Use screw lamps for bracing the pump mechanism into the metal rod. The windmill has to be placed right above the pump for better efficiency. Use tripod legs for stability. Also, use a water hose that will carry pumped water to the reservoir.

Making a wind powered water pump at home is a tricky task. However, if you are adept at handling DIY projects, then build one by following each step carefully.

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