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Repurposing old items to create a killer DIY fire pit

by Ecofriend1874

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by fire, roasting marshmallows as you share your favorite stories with your loved ones over the weekend. The only problem is that we usually do not have a dedicated fire pit in our backyard. Need not to worry, as you can build your own fire pit, using some surprisingly usual household items, in plenty of ways. Here are some such ideas to make DIY fire pit using materials in and around your home.

Steel Barrel Fire Pit

Steel Barrel Fire Pit

Maybe you have one of those steel barrels leftover from your home décor projects. If you have a couple of horseshoes lying around as well, consider yourself ready to make a fire pit. You will need the barrel and four horseshoes for the project. Along with it, get a metal saw, welding tools and a cleaning solution.

Clean the barrel inside out and remove any residue stuck to it. Measure 18 inches from the bottom of the barrel, mark the height along the perimeter and cut this section using the metal saw. Weld the rim to soften the edges. Cut some vent openings of 7-8 inches in size along the bottom of the barrel to release excess heat. Weld around these cuts as well to soften them. Position the horseshoes around the barrel’s rim in parallel pairs and weld them in place. Your barrel fire pit is ready.

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

If you have a wheelbarrow in your garage that you hardly use, consider transforming it into a readymade fire pit. For this project, you need a wheelbarrow with working wheels and some cement bricks. The bricks can come in handy if the wheels do not work or if you prefer your fire pit to be stationary. Simply place the bricks in front of the wheels, add the kindling and scrap wood, and light it. Remember to clean the wheelbarrow beforehand.

Old Pot Pit

Old Pot Fire Pit

Most of us have an old copper or iron pot passed down by our ancestors. If you find no use for this pot inside your home, bring it outside to the backyard and use it as a fire pit. Place the pot on the ground and surround it with cement bricks or large stones to prevent it from moving. Load the wood scraps and the kindling, and light it. You can easily place an old grill grate over the pot for an instant barbecue.

Wash Pail Fire Pit

Wash Pail Fire Pit

If you have an old metal wash pail in your garden, you can use it as a fire pit as well. Keep the pail on the ground and surround it with bricks to prevent it from tipping. Follow this by adding the kindling and wood scraps to the pail and lighting them. Place some wooden logs above the pail to keep the fire going for longer periods.

If you do not have a fire pit in your garden, consider making your own fire pit with some simple household items like a steel barrel, a wheelbarrow, a metal wash pail or even an old iron pot.

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