Scientists developing dye synthesized solar cells to efficiency power mobile gadgets

We have already come across solar based conceptions that have a very high level of efficiency. However, beyond just technology, it is the credible application of such technology that works well in a practical scope. In this regard, Cardiff based G24 Innovations (G24i) are in the process of developing their dye synthesized solar generation system that can be utilized for our mobile devices like iPhone. They claim to have achieved a substantial 26 percent efficiency, which is 10 percent higher than the previous record (which was also set by them).

Highly-efficient solar cells aim to power your iPhone

When it comes to performance, the designers say that their newest solar cell mimicking photosynthesis is at least 5 times more powerful than its nearest competitor. In fact, the efficiency level can even be notched up to 40 percent, given the right amount of future development in the project. Moreover, a commercial variant of their conception is already in usage as an ‘intelligent’ shade and blind system for one of the largest hotels in Las Vegas.

However, it is not just about the high numbers and impressive figures. The real potentiality of this green technology lies in its ability to replace conventional battery systems. Currently valued at more than $80 billion per year, the disposable battery industry is still thriving, based upon the success of mobile electronic gadgets. And, if this expansive market could be smuggled away by such sustainable conceptions, the future would remain propitious with low carbon footprints and further developments of renewable yet energy efficient systems.

Via: BusinessGreen

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