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eSetta: Urban electric vehicle inspired by the renowned BMW Isetta

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The Isetta was an iconic vehicle that saw variants being produced across the globe in the post World War II period. And it was not just produced in many countries, but pretty much achieved success no matter where it went. But no one quite owned up and created the image of Isetta like the BMW. In the times when a vehicle for short urban commuting was an essentiality, the BMW Isetta filled that void with plenty of success. Dubbed famously as the ‘Bubble Car’, the formed legend of the auto world has now inspired Tony Weichselbraun to design an electric car on similar line – The eSetta.

The eSetta

The eSetta exterior is designed to look and function in much the same way as its inspiration from the past. The one major change though is that this will be driven by an all-electric engine, which ensures that the car will be completely emission-free. Considering how most modern all-electric cars are being shaped more and more like pods that run in Disneyland rides ( all the more in case of concept creations), it is a welcome change to see a vehicle that merges old design with new technology.

The cars unique feature is obviously the front door which slides and rotates much akin to the design of its BMW inspiration from the past. The car is designed to encourage urban users to participate in car sharing platforms and the eSetta designer proposes inductive charging at these sharing hubs, which ensures that it will never be too far away from the next zap of electricity. So, will BMW take up on the idea? It is not a bad bet considering the nostalgia effect and hence the marketability options.

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