5 fuel efficient vehicles that made it into the record books

Fuel efficient vehicles

There are some fuel efficient vehicles that cater our everyday requirements quite efficaciously, and there are some which altogether transcend the realm of possibility. In the latter case, many of such conceptions are mostly prototypes. But they do point in the direction of the massive scope of future development in the field of fuel economy. So, in clear testament to the indomitable human spirit and advanced technology we have made a list of 5 such magnificently fuel efficient vehicles that have made their way into the annals of the record books. Without further ado, let us check them out.

1. Fuel efficient vehicle which Travels 355.546km on One Liter

Fuel efficient vehicle

We have seen a recent spurt of solar vehicular activity in South-East Asia. But this time VAP Company’s Chivas 24 team has ingeniously contrived a single seater vehicle that fascinatingly traveled a whopping 355.546 kilometers on just one liter of petrol (or approximately 854.7 miles per gallon). As the winning entry to the contest organized by Honda Vietnam, the contraption actually managed 35 km more than its record in the previous year.

2. Student-built fuel-efficient car rules Shell Eco-Marathon with 2475.5 MPG

Student-built fuel-efficient car

Nissan Leaf earned its laurels as the 2011 World Car of the Year by having 92 MPG-e fuel economy. Now digest this; a student team from Laval University of Quebec had designed a prototype car that achieved a blistering 2487.5 MPG (miles per gallon) of fuel normal circumstances. The compact yet aerodynamic conception won the renowned Shell Eco-Marathon, in which 42 teams from around 28 universities and 9 schools took part.

3. Passat BlueMotion sets world record by traveling 1526 miles on single tank

Fuel-efficient car

Enough of those highfalutin prototypes; now let us talk about a conception that can rule our real roads. We are hollering about the one and only Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion – the world’s most fuel efficient car. In a nigh momentous run from Maidstone in Kent to the South of France and back, the vehicle with 1.6-liter engine (ironically, the smallest among all Passats) actually managed to travel 1,526.63 miles on single tank of fuel. Now, that is surely worth every penny you are probably going to splurge on this streamlined, low ride vehicle.

4. Team Polyjoule’s concept breaks five year Shell Eco Marathon fuel efficiency record

Team Polyjoule’s concept vehicle

It may look like a detailed replica of some futuristic concept, but this is the vehicle that managed to go a jaw-dropping 4,414 kilometers distance with just one liter of hydrogen fuel. The fruit of the collaboration of two French institutes Polytech Nantes and Lycée La Joliverie, this memorable endeavor actually broke the five year record of the already high standard Shell Eco-Marathon. And what’s more; on the last day of the five day racing event, this ingenious contraption managed to go an extra 482km bringing the total up to a whopping 4,896.1 kilometers.

5. High Schoolers Create Car That Gets 1,693 Miles-Per-Gallon

High Schoolers  Car

The annual Super Mileage Challenge at O’Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, hosted by the Indiana Mathematics, Science, Technology and Education Alliance (IMSTEA) may seem like a congregation of wonder kids, all gathered around to showcase their enticingly speedy creations. One student team among them from Mater Dei High School has twice won the competition by achieving 1,693-mpg on the last count. And if you thought that is fantastical, hear this – the average mpg achieved by most of the vehicles in this competition is over 1,000!

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