Sand Flea Robot: Shooting up with a design inspired by nature

Everyone by now is well aware of the jumping capability of some of the insects and how fleas have an incredible ability to clear great heights. (When compared to their own body size) But it is one thing admiring the work of nature and a whole another ball game trying to mimic it and design a robot that can pretty much try and do the same. Trying to copy and replicate designs perfected by millions of years of evolution is not as simple as just copy and paste. But Boston Dynamics has succeeded in devising a robot that can match the Sand Flea in its acrobatics.

‘Sand Flea’ robot can jump 30 feet

Dubbed as the ‘Sand Flea Robot’, the design of this jumping wonder was initiated by the funding of U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force. The robot is apparently powered by a CO2 piston, which can help it gain the acceleration and thrust required to jump up 30 feet in the air from still position. It comes with a gyroscope that handles it stabilization system as it is in mid air and helps it stay balanced when shooting up and falling down. The infra-red cameras on board can capture the images during the jump.

Designed to offer the military with added surveillance capabilities, it is a lot more than a ‘uber-fun’ toy that it looks like in the video. It could help those in combat situations or in hostile urban confrontations gain keen insight into the enemy without putting the lives of soldiers in danger. While the rest of its technology is still under wraps (And obviously should be since it very well could be a part of the armed forces very soon), the Sand Flea Robot is being shipped to Afghanistan for trails. Another design that simply proves nature knows best!

Via: Smartplanet

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