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Dubai Airports reduce carbon emissions by 70,000 tons last year

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Earlier, we have gleefully harped about Dubai’s eco architectural city conceptions and green technology flaunting hotels. However, this time we have come across a Dubai related sustainable news that hints at real favorable figures, not just opulent, grand schemes. As a testament to well thought out and organized planning, authorities at Dubai Airports have helped reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by a whopping total of 72,793 tonnes, combined from all of the emirate’s respective facilities.

Dubai Airports reduce 72,000 tonnes CO2 emissions

The figure is a part of the official results of 2011 energy and fuel saving initiatives. In fact, the airport staff’s conservation efforts have all brought benefits on other practical fronts. Epitomizing the romanticized view of green technology insinuating cost effectiveness in the long run, the authorities have declared that they have achieved a substantial AED 15.9 million (about $4.5 million) in fuel savings, in the past year. And, the savings were not only limited to finances; the airports have also saved around 131.9 million gallons of water, which is crucial in Gulf States.

According to Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths, their ultimate aim was to be environmentally responsible, given the huge amount of air traffic faced by the emirate. He also went on to say that green business is always equivalent to good business, since the profit margins from long term fuel and resources saving are greater.

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