reVend Recycling Ltd. lets consumers return old light bulbs, batteries at vending machines

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with vending machine since they have a bad habit of getting stuck at just the worse time! But the convenience offered by the metallic vendors is indisputable though they have never been used as innovatively by anyone as reVend Recycling Ltd. The British reverse vending machine manufacturer has now created a very easy to use vending machine that allows consumers to “return” old light bulbs and batteries. since most regular recycling companies do not accept these items and garbage collectors too advice against throwing them in with your regular household recycling, consumers are left with no option but to hoard them in some corner of their attics or simply toss them in dumpsters in less crowded locales of town. This crazy little innovation from reVend Recycling Ltd. however, allows consumers to do what the have never been able to do before-return old light bulbs, CFLs and expired batteries.

ReVend's crazy reverse vending machine allow recyclers to safely dispose of light bulbs and batteries

The best part about these wonderful little reverse vending machines is that the company not only lets consumers deposit their recyclables but they also let consumers claim rewards for doing a good deed! The patented system used in the reVend Recycling Reverse Vending Machine is designed by reVend and Repant ASA jointly and it is made to look just like regular vending machine. But instead of taking your money and giving you a snack, this reverse vending machine accepts your recycling and offers you a reward in return! Most of these rewards come in the form of in-store reward vouchers from IKEA though the recyclers can also choose to not accept the voucher and make a donation to one of four pre-determined charities including Save the Children, UNICEF, Woodland Trust and the World Wildlife Fund.

The reVend Recycling reverse vending machine has just completed a successful pilot installation at an IKEA outlet near London and the company has already signed an agreement with the furniture retailer to install more of these machine at their outlets in Denmark, Germany, the U.K. as well as many other locations across Europe.

Via: Earth 911

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