Religious communities that have set examples with renewable energy use

There are several communities now days that have started caring for the environment together. You may call such communities eco villages. In these eco villages, every individual tries to share work with others and tries to live in the same space with community members. Since these people share their vision of going eco-friendly, they take steps together to ensure the use of renewable energy only. There are several religious communities too that now power their lives through solar energy. Let us have a look at some of these nature-friendly groups.

Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity

Photovoltaic engineer and contractor with construction plan at solar panels

This is a London-based group of Carmelite nuns. All the members of this community are quite active when it comes to saving power and using solar energy in several operations. Instead of depending on traditional gas boilers, these nuns have started making use of a modern solar system for receiving hot water.

Rumtek Buddhist Monastery

Solar heater for green energy

This is a religious community of Buddhist monks who have collaborated with the Sacred Earth Program of WWF. Under this program, they have arranged for solar hot water heaters. Additionally, they have also released guidelines for other religious communities that have been living in the natural environment of Himalayas. Since this community holds a strong belief in compassion and sustainability, they have been working on improving natural food systems. It also includes taking initiatives toward organic farming and capturing natural energy.

St. John’s Abbey

Solar Power Plant

This religious community of monks in Minnesota, USA has also been working toward powering academic institutions with solar energy. They have created a large solar array for this purpose.

Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert

photovoltaic cells and high voltage post.

This monk community is based in New Mexico. They have integrated their living complex with a wonderful solar array that has been setup close to the power line. It is one of the greatest examples of sustainable systems installed by a religious community.

Deer Park Monastery

seitliches Kopfporträt einer jungen, brünetten Frau mit gelben Bauhelm als Kopfbedeckung und optimistischen Blick zur Seite

It is a California-based center for mindfulness. Since 2008, this Buddhist monastery has been powering its living through solar energy. This community has installed three solar arrays for their use.

Woodside Priory

A photovoltaic system of solar cells.

Founded by Benedictine monks, this boarding school area has the SolarCity, which is a large solar energy use project. This eco-friendly place does a significant saving of more than $3,000 each month by using and leasing solar power to other living areas and communities.

Some religious communities have turned eco-friendly by taking major initiatives to capture and use solar energy for their everyday operations. It is a great example for many other people who want to go the natural way.

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