Recycling Guide

Seven Worst Biodegradable Products

Every year millions of metric units of landfill material ARE put in to pollute the land, and those products take almost a thousand years to decompose. But at this rate of consumption and disposal, the world will soon turn into a garbage can. We had many o

Seven toughest things to recycle

An essential problem of 21st century is waste. Paints and electronics should not be thrown in the trash. Moreover, it is advisable to recycle them to save our mother earth from menace of pollution as many of these items contain harmful chemicals that poll

5 creative ways to recycle old railroad cars

Every space available should be recycled! When it comes to reusing why not reuse old railroad cars which are not working any more. These old railroad cars can be reused as hotels, cars and many more. With the ascent of cell phones, the phone booths have b

Top 5 most extreme recycling projects

The activity of recycling garbage and other dumped materials is gaining in popularity. Indeed, in a time, natural resources are depleting quickly, recycling and reuse of trashed items have peculiar significance. People and authorities have well recognized

5 Robots carved out of recycled materials

Technology is not luxury; it neither is derived from luxury. For all those who say and believe that great things are built under great patronage, robots made out of recycled materials may sound like a phoenix rise from ashes, but truly, technology has nev

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