Top 5 most extreme recycling projects

Waste Recycling

The activity of recycling garbage and other dumped materials is gaining in popularity. Indeed, in a time, natural resources are depleting quickly, recycling and reuse of trashed items have peculiar significance. People and authorities have well recognized the fact. In this article, five stunning recycling projects are explained. Certainly, you might feel shock to read about some of the recycling ideas below.

1. Drinking water from urine

Drinking water from urine

A Texas town recently revealed its plan to reprocess wastewater including human urine to meet with the escalating drinking water crisis. The authorities said that a state-of-the-art recycling plant will be set up in Big Spring, Texas to generate clean drinking water from urine, city garbage and other liquid wastes.

Wastewater from 27,000 residents of the city will be collected through well-built pipelines, and the reprocessed water will be distributed through the city drinking water network, said the district manager John Grant. Many similar urine drinking water projects are either in operation or in progress across the world.

2. Brick and door from human waste

Brick and door from human waste

What about churning out bricks and doors from human excreta? Experiments are in full swing in different corners of the world to convert human waste to bricks and plywood-like doors. A French company Ecobrique said it is working with a project to create ceramic building material from sewage sludge. The company proposed to construct lightweight concrete. Earlier, some Indian firm revealed its plan to build doors from human excreta collected from the county’s Sulabh public toilets. A Mexican designing company is also associated with the project.

3. Human hair in pizza

Human hair in pizza

You might feel trouble to hear that L-cysteine, a dough conditioner used in pizza some years back, was extracted from human hair. Bakers used to collect human hair from beauty saloons to haul out the food conditioner. But later, many international food chains moved to non-human sources for the pizza conditioner. Sources like duck feathers are now largely used for the purpose. However, there are many bakers, who still rely on the conventional human hair to collect L-cysteine for pizza.

4. Blood clot-dissolving medicine from pee

Blood clot-dissolving medicine from pee

It may certainly be hard for you to believe that scientists are collecting a blood clot-dissolving enzyme from human urine. The enzyme called urokinase is largely used in patients with heart diseases. So it is a valuable by-product of human urine that often goes waste. UrPort-A-John has established many toilets to collect the enzyme. Special urokinase filters are set up in the toilets to grab the enzyme. As per reports, four and half pounds of urokinase can be processed from about 14 million gallons of human urine.

5. Semen in beautifiers

Semen in beautifiers

Semen is often used as a row material to manufacture skin smoothening products. People, especially women, who regularly smear up skin care stuffs on their face, might be uncomfortable to read this. But, it is the reality. Semen is a rich source of spermine, an anti-oxidant that has the quality to smoothen the human skin. A company recently launched a beautification product called Cmen, which contains only unadulterated and clean semen.

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