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5 creative ways to recycle old railroad cars

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5 creative ways to recycle old railroad cars

Every space available should be recycled! When it comes to reusing why not reuse old railroad cars which are not working any more. These old railroad cars can be reused as hotels, cars and many more. With the ascent of cell phones, the phone booths have become obsolete. These are very old and consume a lot of space. So, it is better to reuse them as something or other than to just keep them on the side of the road. Similarly, the old railroad cars can also be recycled and used in the following ways.

1. Hotel


The old railroad cars can be used as hotels. They actually can serve to be quite a good hotel with its long compartments. Its unique look can also attract a number of customers as well. The old tram which used to run in Amsterdam was turned into a hotel. The hotel consisted of five different rooms and was based on the theme of American, French, Italian, and English rooms. It also had two family rooms. It has got a strange condition that, the longer a person stays over there, the more discounts the person gets. There are more discounts for families also.

2. Hatchery


An example of such a hatchery is the Oden State Fish Hatchery located at Michigan. It is originally built from an old railway carriage. This carriage was used in the early days to transport fishes. This was established in 1921. This is a great way to recycle old railroad cars. It is profitable as well. This not only utilizes waste but also earns profit from it. If the carriage was not reused it would have lain down as a pure waste.

3. Churches


Churches can also be built from railroad cars. You can do everything, that one does in a normal church, in this church that has been modified from a railway coach. In Russia, these churches modified from railway carriages are not that common. It is good that such useless railway carriages are being used as a holy place. God is everywhere. So, why cannot He stay in the railway carriages? People come here to worship daily and the railway carriages are treated exactly like churches. These even have a cross mounted on top of the entrance.

4. Bookstore


Old railway carriages can be used as great bookstores or libraries. The amount of space it has, it can easily hold a capacity of 20-30 shelves with thousands of books. La Caverne aux Livres located 30km away from Paris, in France is a wonderful bookstore. Its entrance is that of an old railway hangar. The visitors are guided to old postal trains whose compartments are divided into different bookshelves. This is really a nice concept. The concept itself attracts a number of customers. There are thousands of books available in this bookstore. This is another creative way to make use of these old railway carriages.

5. Restaurants


When a person is hungry and is looking for a nice restaurant and he finds a restaurant which looks like a train coach, he will automatically be lured to have his meal over there. These restaurants built on the sides of the roads fetch a number of customers. If the food quality can meet the standards of the customer then no one can stop the restaurant from being popular. Brownwood holds one such train restaurant and is very popular indeed. A number of customers come to have meal from this restaurant. Apart from this, there exists many other train restaurants that are located all around the globe.

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