Recycle spray cans into lovely and practical objects

With an imaginative mind and creative hands, we can turn any futile item into a useful object. Many creative people are using their imagination to the fullest. Below are some of the cool and incredible looking pieces made from empty spray cans. Take a look.

Can Delight

Can Delight

A creative group named Zek, formed in 2012, designed this innovative pendant lamp. Can Delight is made from used spray cans, the colors added to the spray cans compliments the pattern quite well. You can even make your own can delight by inventing different patterns and colors of your choice. You have to remove the bottom base of cans so that light can be seen through it.

Arm chair and Stool

Arm chair and Stool by Luigi Semeraro

Italian designer Luigi Semeraro made this awesome armchair with a matching stool. The set is completely made from recycled spray cans. The Armchair is made from 200 spray cans that show off a simple and elegant color. The designer is known for his street art activities and graffiti designs.

Spray Can Chess

Spray Can Chess

You can collect spray cans of same shape but with different size. You need 32 spray cans for this, 16 cans should be painted with the black color and other 16 cans can be painted with white color. Small size cans will act as pawns, for the chess squares, you can paint them according to your choice. With these colorful players, Chess will have more colors and greater fun.

Spray Can Vases

Spray Can Vases

This one is a great way to reuse your spray cans by turning them into lovely looking vases. You can easily transform these ordinary cans and they require no efforts but only your imagination. You can paint colors to the vase or any design that you think can bring the best out of your empty used can.

Spray Can Masterpiece

spray cans

You can give shape to your empty spray cans by adding some character to it. You can turn the spray cans into an attractive looking showpiece. The beautiful masterpiece will be grab all attention from your friends and loved ones.


With the right attitude, we can turn anything and everything into something useful. With our imagination, we can perform many miracles like turning the ordinary empty spray cans into so many magnificent items. The more you experiment the more you will surprise yourself.

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