5 Eco destinations for a classy winter vacation

There is no need to stay huddled near the fireplace for hours on end during winters. Pack your bags and head out to a winter wonderland destination that would allow you to have plenty of fun in the snow. As an added bonus, choose an eco-friendly resort that lets you have all the fun you want without harming the environment in any way. Here are 5 such eco-friendly winter wonderlands that definitely warrant a visit from the green traveler.Aspen

wind power

The Aspen Skiing Company was one among the very first companies to announce green policies on the slopes in order to protect the environment and thwart global warming. The company promotes the use of biodiesel for its snow grooming machines. It is also promoting the use of wind power, and is currently using 100% of this sustainable energy for several ski resorts located in the region.

Whitepod Eco Resort

Whitepod Eco ResortImage Source : WhitePod.Com

Located in the quaint little mountainside village of Les Cerniers in Switzerland, the Whitepod Eco Resort is a private ski resort that features over 15 geodesic dome pods that act as the accommodation units for visitors. The resort has also made it to abolish all forms of transport in the region except the greener alternatives like snowshoes, snowboards, skis and dog sleds.

Avoriaz Resort

Avoriaz ResortImage Source : Telegraph.Co.Uk

Avoriaz in France has carved a niche for itself as one of the most eco-friendly resorts in the country. From reducing carbon emissions to full scale recycling, this resort does it all. Cars and other fuel driven vehicles are banned from the resort while the ski chalets are comfortable and equally sustainable. In addition to building larger roofs to hold more snow for natural insulation, the resort also uses biofuel derived from plain old cooking oil for its power needs.

Hotel de Glace

Hotel de GlaceImage Source : HoteldeGlace-Canada.Com

This eco-friendly hotel in Quebec is very unique. The reason being that the entire hotel is built out of nothing but ice! The Hotel de Glace is a temporary establishment that is available only during the coldest months of winter. The hotel features artistically designed rooms that guests can stay in, an ice bar where one can enjoy cocktails and even an ice chapel which hosts weddings. Make sure you take plenty of photographs as the hotel will melt away in spring and come back with another design next winter.

Igloo Village in Hotel Kakslauttanen

Igloo Village in Hotel KakslauttanenImage Source : Kakslauttanen.Fi

Located in Finland, the Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanenis a one of a kind eco-friendly retreat that would offer you a comfy retreat from which to watch the magnificent Aurora Borealis. The igloos are small sized so that they can be heated quickly while glass ceilings offer you a bird’s eye view of the stunning Northern lights.

Thinking of vacationing in an eco-retreat or destination this time around? Well, here’s a pick of the best five eco-retreats in the world that would offer you the chance to have all the fun in the world without doing any harm to the environment in the process.

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