Reading with a twist: Blink to turn your light on and off

Different people like celebrating the ‘Earth Day’ in different ways and while many just stick to switching off of lights for one hour when it is mandatory, others go the extra yard in their effort to show that they care. While we are not so sure if Randy Sarafan seriously wanted to conserve energy or if there is underlying sarcasm in his creation, there is no doubt that we would all love to play around a bit with a lamp that switches on and off as you blink. Your eyelids become the switch that controls the map and while its practicality might be questionable, the idea and its execution are pretty cool.

Energy-Saving Light

If you are really thinking about saving energy, then this is not necessarily the best way forward. Moreover the CFL lamp used in the project will only last that long if it keeps switching on an off so regularly. Add to it the fact that there is plenty of energy that is actually wasted when you switch on the lamp each time and this seems more like wastage of resources than conservation. Of course, the design and the creativity behind it are top notch and if you want to annoy someone else in the same room with a blinking light then it is indeed great.

We do get the idea behind it as some of us might fall asleep while reading a book and in that case the night lamp will be switched off automatically. But even then, hooking up a patch underneath the eye as you are tucked in is a stretch. This indeed is taking energy conservation to a whole new level, but for now we prefer the lamps that switch off when you leave the room.

Via: Instructables

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