Quick tips for environmentally friendly travel

There is a lot of carbon dioxide that gets released into the environment while people are vacationing. Thus, an eco-friendly travel can reduce the pollution that goes into the air and the resulting global warming effect. On environmentally friendly vacations, you get to save a lot of resources if you properly plan on the green methods of transportation, stay places, your destination, etc. There are a lot of activities you may perform the green way. Check out some tips on how you may be able to do that effectively.

luggage full and ready to travel

  • Pack light

The more heavy your baggage is, the more load is on the plane, and the more carbon emissions happen out of a heavy plane. So, save the environment by reducing your baggage.

  • Green bag it

If you use plastic bags, think once that it takes around 500 years to get a plastic bag biodegraded. Imagine how much harm all these plastic bags together can cause to the environment! If you now feel that you should do something about it, carry the eco-friendly and reusable bags with you so you may enjoy a nature-friendly shopping during your travel. Similarly, your plastic bottles can be replaced by green bottles.


  • Travel overland and use public transportation

It can cut down on at least one flight that you take and a ton of your carbon footprint too. You will get to see more of the countryside and your travel may get more enjoyable. In addition, leaving your private conveyance and travelling on a public transport reduces carbon emission to a great extent. Vehicular pollution just kills the environment and you may stop that by using minimal private transportation during your travels. Additionally, when you interact with people in the public transportation, you would have more fun on your trip.

  • Go for local

Replace your beer with a locally brewed beer and your food with the local produce. You will love the taste and get rid of some carbon content simultaneously.


  • Be at home in your hotel and travel in smaller groups

Save the energy resources while you are staying in a hotel. A lavish stay does not mean using the resources unnecessarily. If you are not sitting in a room, you should switch off the lights, TV, fans, etc. Such practices can save a lot of energy. Also, travelling in a smaller group can save on resources, as well as the money you spend on your stay.

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