Renewable energy is important for our present and future

If you do not earn and keep spending, how long will your savings last? Not for long and the same is true for our world. If we keep on spending from the stock of fossil fuels soon there would be no fuel left. This huge problem has only one solution- renewable energy. We cannot live without electricity. We have to produce electricity for our daily necessary usage. The governments of different countries and international organizations are becoming more conscious about the need for producing renewable energy. Scarcity is just one of the main reasons for choosing renewable energy. Another reason is the increasing rate of global pollution. Global pollution has reached new heights in the past decade. The combustion of fossil fuels is one of the main reasons behind this. Renewable energies are far more nature friendly and cost effective if manipulated properly. With the fuel price hike they are the best options for us.


Decrease in Global Warming

Global warming, if not controlled, can destroy our world. Due to the intense emission of carbon dioxide and CFC gases the ozone layer has got damaged and more sun rays are coming to our planet. These gases are capable of absorbing huge amounts of heat and increase the gross temperature of the world. If we substitute the fossil fuels with renewable energy resources then the emission of carbon dioxide will lower naturally and then the rate of global warming will decrease as well.


Better Health

Air and water pollution are directly caused by the usage of non-renewable energy. The chemicals, processed warm water and harmful gases get mixed with the environment and then affect our health. Many dangerous diseases are caused by these chemicals and pollutants. Renewable energies help in keeping the world clean and the environment pollution free. Our health too benefits from improvement of the environment. Two main renewable energy sources do not require the use of water in the production of energy. Thus they cannot affect water pollution in any way. A greener world is what we should gift our coming generations with the help of unconventional, renewable energies.


More Job Opportunities

With the increase in renewable energy production, job opportunities will grow as well. The governments of different countries will have to install new energy sectors and new plants and factories. Technology and science will be used for converting natural energy forces into usable electric and fuel energy. More technicians and laborers will be needed to support the newly established plants. Also once the plants start producing sufficient amount of energy then the fuel price and cost of energy usage will go down saving your hard earned money.

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