E-QBO: Photovoltaic panel covered cube perfect to power your many energy needs

While we have not thought about structures that are pretty much like a giant dice and covered entirely in photovoltaic panels; we did always wonder why many roofs across the world still do not have solar installations and are not laced with solar panels. Economic constraints along with lack of will from local administrations are the biggest reasons along with a lack of awareness despite growing clamor for alternate energy sources. But, the ‘E-QBO’ does bring in a whole new design aspect along with a green structure that can not only power itself on, but give power back to the grid.

E-QBO off-grid design

Designed by Romolo Stanco, the structure is a cube of 5X5X5 meters that is covered entirely with solar panels and is capable of producing as much as 14KW of maximum energy while can offer a minimum of 7KW of energy even on a day that is not beaming with sunshine entirely. Since the cube is covered entirely in solar panels, it can produce solar power no matter what time of the day it is. The structure is also laced with LED strips that add to the aesthetic appeal of this dark cube.

The structure does look like it came right out of the world of ‘Tron’ and we love the minimalistic look along with the fact that it can tap into solar power. It can be used as community hub that will power your gadgets, while you are out and act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. But it can surely be customized to act as small shopping installations that are completely off grid and depend only on solar power. The E-QBO can be designed in dimensions of one’s choice and we have seen homes in the past that have similar unassuming cubic form.

Maybe, several E-QBO units together can form even a zero energy home. For now, structures like these at various points in a city can offer you a quick and easy charging point that is all about going solar.

Via: Designcot

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