Henning Larsen Architects envision a sustainable solar powered office building for Nordea Bank

Architects across the globe are turning toward green building designs and while the trend was limited to a few cities in the past, the rest of the world seems to be catching on fast in the last decade or so. This is obviously great news for all those environmentalists who have been asking for more energy efficient structures since long. The latest in this long line of buildings is the proposed new office building of Nordea in Ørestad North, Copenhagen. The building not only creates an ambient atmosphere for the 2000 odd employees who will be working within its walls, but also seems to be laced lavishly with sustainable design.

Henning Larsen Architects Wins New Office Building for Nordea Bank

Henning Larsen Architects are the ones who have been awarded the privilege of conjuring up the new office of Nordea and they have decided to make the most of this opportunity by proposing a structure that uses natural lighting, ventilation and an innovative use of building material that is sure to get the highest LEED certification. The designers at Henning Larsen plan to incorporate measures that will reduce the energy consumption of the building as much as possible by incorporating features such as a natural insulation system, which will reduce energy consumption of heating and cooling units.

They also plan on using a photovoltaic installation that will rope in some solar power for the building. The interiors of the new office of Nordea will be designed to mimic a mini city as the interiors will provide calm and tranquil working areas, which will inspire the innovative minds while the corridors and open spaces will be akin to the busy streets of a modern city. With a trading floor that is clad in daylight and offers great natural ventilation and smart use of floor to ceiling glass windows, there is no doubt that this structure will turn some heads when it is all done.

Via: Bustler

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