Possibilities of wind turbines on Eiffel Tower show a shift to green

Two wind turbines have been installed on the lower deck of the 125 year old iconic monument Eiffel Tower of Paris. For people from all over the world Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris. It is the landmark that guides a traveler when they visit this city of art and style. The step forward towards incorporating green and renewable energy with the magnificent monument only signifies that Paris is ready to adapt green energy. wind turbines on Eiffel Tower (3)The 17 foot tall wind turbines may not be able to supply enough power for meeting the total requirement of Eiffel Tower but it is definitely going to encourage lawmakers around the world to use renewable energy more effectively. wind turbines on Eiffel TowerThe 1st floor of Eiffel Tower has recently got brand new balustrades made of glass and glass floor. The walkers can see what’s going on below their feet by looking down. The new 1st floor has many facilities like LED lighting and the glass floor has been given a non-slip treatment. It also has solar panels, rainwater collection system and the two wind turbines. wind turbines on Eiffel Tower (1)The installation of wind turbines has raised the green quotient of the floor and also going to help in decreasing the adverse ecological impact of Eiffel tower. Urban Green Energy which has successfully completed the installation of the two wind turbines on top of the second floor restaurant is a New York based firm. It is a part of all the plans being made for converting Eiffel Tower into the icon of renewable energy adaptation.

According to Jan Gromadzki, an engineer who was in charge of overseeing the installations, the wind turbines are more symbolic than functional. The wind turbines will be offering 10,000kWh power every year which is just sufficient for the commercial area on the ground floor of the tower. The Eiffel Tower requires 6.7 GWh of power every year and the wind turbines cannot meet 50% of this requirement. wind turbines on Eiffel Tower (2)Still their installation is a notable event that marks the beginning of green revolution at the Eiffel Tower. For UGE installing the tri blade wind turbines was a major challenge. As Eiffel Tower is open seven days a week for the travelers and citizens, UGE had to work at nights and the blades had to be pulled up by hand and pulley system due to the difficult positioning.

Eiffel Tower has recently got two wind turbines which seem to be the first steps towards incorporating green energy into the iconic structure. The wind turbines may not meet the total power requirements of the Eiffel Tower but their installation will go a long way in inspiring law makers around the world.

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