Human powered gadgets that never run short of energy

Modern life is largely dependent on technology and we need constant supply of energy to power our gadgets, be they used at home and office or on the go, and keep up the pace with the fast moving life. We can easily keep our gadgets juiced up at home and office, but we at times have to do without our mobile devices while travelling especially when there is no power source around to power them. Addressing the issue, designers and researchers are working on harnessing human power to charge our mobile gadgets, so we do not fall short of energy even when travelling far off places. Here are some of the innovative gadgets that harness human power to remain juiced up all the time.

Soccket Ball:

Soccket Ball

The Socket is an energy generating soccer ball that allows a fun way of producing clean and green energy to powers a LED light to illuminate your room or even your tent while camping in a far off place. Featuring a tiny internal pendulum, the waterproof ball collects the motion energy to charge the LED lamp. To power the Soccket, all you need to do is play soccer for just 30 minutes with the ball that in turn will generate adequate energy to power a tiny LED lamp for around three hours.

Energy Addicts:

Energy Addicts 2

Designed by Israeli student designer Naomi Kizhner, Energy Addicts is a collection of jewelry that harnesses human energy and turns our veins into green source of power. Symbolizing our addicted to gadgets and constant energy consumption, the jewelry is made using gold and a 3D-printed biopolymer that harvest energy from different parts of human body like eyelids, back and arms.

Flashlight powered by body heat:

Flashlight powered by body heat

Developed by a young Canadian girl, Ann Makosinski, this flashlight is a unique combination of creativity and sustainability. Harnessing the body heat of the user, the thermoelectric flashlight requires the difference of just five-degree temperature to function smoothly. Capable of generating up to 5.4 mW at 5-foot candles of brightness, the flashlight can be a good device to obtain light in emergencies.



The EcoXPower developed by EcoXGear is a creative gadget that harnesses paddle power while bilking to power portable gadgets on the go. Featuring a lithium ion battery, the sustainable device stores enough energy, produced when paddling the bike, to power your bike lights and phone for about one to two hours.

Homan body is a regular source of energy. All we need to do is develop some innovative devices and technologies that tap the human energy and use it to power mobile gadgets on the go.

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