Port-a-Bach gets the ‘Bach Pack’ solar array for enhanced self sufficiency

It was a few years back that we had mentioned about Port-a-Bach, a relocatable and self sufficient dwelling and since then many sequences of the same have been upgraded. Charlotte Bowie, collaborated with Atelier Workshop and helped them expand the scope of their original design. She designed a solar power system to revolutionize portable buildings, but for now her design will only feature on the retro fitted shipping container, which has been turned into a portable house.

Solar power system

Called the ‘Bach Pack,’ it is a solar array with four panels and a battery. It uses the corners of the shipping containers for clamping it in place for rotation and locking. The purpose of this installation is to take the dwelling off the grid, so that its portability is not hindered by the lack of power infrastructure. The project was taken up by Charlotte as a DIY assignment and she wants to give the end user a product that is easy to install and use and will require no external assistance.

The first generation Port- a-Bach dwelling was connected to municipal facilities, the generation two version was made independent of council services and this additional effort of taking it off the grid is an indication of the gradual progression of construction toward absolute self sufficiency.

Via: Coroflot

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