Green home building kits: All you ever wanted to know

You can choose to go green using home building kits, which allow you to finish your walls and structure your house from pre engineered panels. These kits can be an easy way to contribute your share toward saving the planet. They allow you to work yourself as per your convenience. They help you save money by half and are worth much more than the investment. If you are willing, you can fix up the house as a DIY project and further save on labor and money. These homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of construction to minimize environmental impact. You can choose amongst various options available in the market for green home building kits to make a difference. Constructing a house costs a huge amount in today’s modern style living and opting for green home building kit can help you save money and lower the environmental impact too.

Green home building kit

Here are some quick facts about these green home kits

Price: Depends on size and options selected – varies as per individual choices

Area in Sq. Ft: 875-2,500+

Materials used: Green bio based materials from renewable and indigenous sources such as stone, glass, sand and untreated wood

Assembly time: 10+ days for 2 people, varies as per the size and accessories opted.

Benefits of Green Home Building Kits

Energy Efficiency

Green home kits are highly energy efficient as they are based on a sustainable architecture. The materials used for these kits help preserve the environment as the kits have components made from natural renewable sources. This helps in saving a large chunk of energy, which is otherwise used during construction of conventional houses. For building these kits smaller amounts of energy are needed. While opting to go green, you can opt for a smaller size kit, which can help you save energy according to Green Home Building experts. Smaller size kits will result in reduced heating and cooling costs, as well as less energy will be consumed to make the requisite materials. Another way to go green while using these kits is to use solar heating system. It can reduce the energy needed to make warm your house during winters.

Everything in one packet

When you purchase a green home kit, you can just sit back and relax without worrying about products you always wanted to use in your home. As home owner of a ‘Green Home Building Kit’ you will get every item that will complete your house. This includes harnessing solar energy using solar insulated panels, water harvesting via rainwater collection program. You can use this water in different ways for toilets, dishes and showers,etc. These green prefabricated walls are ready for your use and if needed you can also opt to hire a contractor to get them installed. However more work you do yourself, greater will be your cost saving.

Minimize environmental impact

Building green homes could mean minimizing the impact on nature by using recycled and renewable resources. They also reduce the negative impact on environment caused by site clearing, excavation and removal of natural vegetation. It helps in reduction of solid waste, landfills by employing energy efficient designs. The challenge of construction waste and debris is also taken care of as these kits do not involve materials that need to be disposed. These homes use energy efficient ways of functioning like usage of solar panels for generation of electricity, rainwater harvesting techniques and more. These eco friendly kits are available in various varieties like panelized houses, domes and more.


Being a green home building kit owner can be a fantastic way of contributing toward saving the planet and also saving cost, time and effort of building a traditional house setup. They are known for their sustainable and natural components, which are also a great option from health point of view as they are not treated with harsh chemicals before being sold. These kit homes are environmentally sensitive, energy efficient, cost effective, easy to install and help in reducing overall carbon footprint.

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