Plan eco-friendly interior decorations for your home

Your home is a part of your identity. It demonstrates your tastes and likings. Every individual wants to decorate his or her house in such a way that it reflects their personality. Eco friendly interior decorations suggest that the residents of the house have sympathy for their surrounding environment and understand the importance of keeping their home free of pollutants. It may not be apparent but our home gets polluted from synthetic fibers and colors. You spend a major amount of time inside your home with your family. It is your duty to decorate it with materials that do not pollute the home and its surrounding environment. You must find out which materials are environment friendly and suitable for your house.


It is not easy to choose proper interior decorating items for your home that are environment friendly in nature. You have to be cautious because there are many duplicate and potentially harmful interior decorating products that are marketed with terms like ‘nature-friendly’ and ‘harmless’. You better learn to discern between products so that you can select the right ones for your home. EPA and FTC consider a product eco-friendly if it is made with just 20% recycled or environment friendly materials. You should look for products that are 100% natural and environment friendly. One very important thing that you should keep in mind while decorating your home with eco friendly objects is that the air of your home needs to be pure and clean. You can make indoor plants a part of your home décor so that the percentage of oxygen in your home air never gets reduced.

You can start with picking rugs and mats made of natural fibers like jute, cotton and wool. Every time a member of your family walks on the rug the synthetic fibers get mixed with the surrounding air due to friction. Cotton and sisal provide lots of textures and colors for your home. You can use cotton curtains, pillow covers and table cloths to minimize the level of pollution inside your home. Cotton is a fabric that does not cause any skin irritation or allergies and it is completely safe for the kids. It may take more time than usual to decorate your home with environmentally friendly but the hard work will surely pay off in terms of good health.


The high levels of pollution around us have made it necessary that we try to make the interiors of our home more environment-friendly. Decorating the house with environment-friendly items requires both knowledge and patience.

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