Four enjoyable and eco-friendly spring break activities that you will love

Spring break is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. This is the time when you get a chance to make wonderful memories with your friends or kids. Younger people try to discover new regions and learn about new cultures and older people get time for teaching their kids some nice yet environment-friendly ways of enjoying life. You need not break your bank for enjoying a luxurious spring break holiday at some high end resort. There are many eco-friendly yet affordable options for spending a memorable spring break. It is our responsibility to protect our environment. Reckless partying and splurging does not help our planet. Irresponsible and hedonistic activities increase our carbon foot print and indirectly affect the nature adversely. You should use the spring break for learning a new skill or enhancing your knowledge in a fun way. In the following you will find four brilliant and eco-friendly ideas for your next spring break.


Innovative Staycations:

Staycations, as the name suggests, is staying in your home or near it yet enjoying outdoor activities and having a great vacation. If you cannot take your kids for vacation to a far off place for some reason like money crunch then you can always plan an enjoyable staycation with them. You can use your backyard for camping and get some colorful tents. If you live near a mountain range then you can take hiking day trips and if there is a river, ocean or lake nearby you can take your kids for all day long swimming, fishing and boating trips.

Volunteer days:

Spring break is the best time to teach your kids the value of charity. Engage in some volunteer work like collecting money and clothes for the flood or famine victims. Devoting time for a good cause will make you happy from within.

Indulge in frozen treats:

There is nothing more fun than making frozen treats with the kids. Go to the market and buy fresh organic fruits and milk and cream. Blend the ingredients to come up with excellent frozen treat recipes. Put fruit juices in the deep freezer with a stick to get instant colorful frozen lollipops.

Give love to animals:

Go to the nearby animal shelters. The stray dogs and cats deserve some love and attention. You can even use the spring break for adopting a stray and training it or caring for it.


Spring break should not be just about you. Do things that does not hurt the environment and give your love to the ones who need it most.

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