Novaled introduces a luxury lighting apparatus with its new ‘Liternity’ series

Novaled, a German based company, found a new series of OLED’s named ‘Liternity’. This company deals with the development of OLED’s and have recently introduce their first product dubbed ‘Victory’ a unique desk lamp. It is the first to combine OLED light and a thin, strong carbon fabric base, the lamp was unveiled in one of the world’s largest trade shows as a unique lighting masterpiece. The limited edition of these Liternity lightings feature the most advanced technologies with an entirely new and creative design.

Novaled Unveils OLED Desk Lamp

Victory provides a terrific balmy white light that efficiently gives the quality of daylight. Each unique and innovative light piece is a sign of eye catching creativity that has never come to light earlier and truly reflects an exceptional and striking masterpiece of art.

This fabulous desk lamp is thirty five centimeters high and forty centimeters deep and above all it has a dynamic shape, perceived from any point of view. It is made in the shape of a ‘V’ and its two arms have four implanted ultra flat OLEDs that endow the place with a pleasant light that is circulated over the entire surface. Several coating of clear polish gives a mesmerizing 3D inkling of the work done by the designers. The base of the lamp is made up of lightweight and almost unbreakable carbon material, which is formerly used for aerospace purposes, this further adds to the elasticity, magnificence and steadiness of this desk lamp.

The highly polished lighting apparatus comes in a variety of colors and will be available through selected retailers in Europe, the U.S.A. and U.A.E. from September and will be sold for a high price.

Via: Techon

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