New Florida Polytechnic campus starts taking shape with structure designed by Santiago Calatrava

Brise soleil is a technique in architecture that refers to the use of various kinds of sun shading that provides for both natural ventilation and temperature control. While some of the Brise soleil techniques use fixed structures for sun shading, Santiago Calatrava is renowned for using moving wing like structures for achieving the same result in a spectacular fashion. The ones at the Milwaukee Art Museum are already a glowing examples of this amazing architectural creation and soon Florida too will sport one of these.

Work begins on feathery new campus for Florida Polytechnic designed by Calatrava

The Florida Polytechnic is getting a new campus that will ensure that they can house more students and newer facilities in the years to come and the new campus is kicking off with the construction of the Science and Technology building. Since construction of the rest of the campus will take a bit longer, this structure will primarily house all the activities and act as a campus by itself. To achieve this Santiago Calatrava has designed a garden terrace along with a continuous pergola that will act as campus grounds and an outdoor seating space.

The brise soleil in its open and close state will obviously be the visual highlight of the new Science and Technology building and while we are not sure about how the final building would exactly look like, the depiction sure does look like a Venus Trap open and shut. This will be one green structure that will inspire many more though as the rest of the campus will follow the trend set by the Science and Technology building.

Via: Worldarchitecturenews

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