Distinctive Propulsion: Helium filled contraption flies around using a flipping motion

It is interesting to see how modern engineers and scientists are coming up with cool new ways to propel bodies forward. And that is not just on land as this amazing flying contraption is nothing like anything that we have seen in the past. While you must have seen several other ways of flying, this one just flips itself inside out regularly to move about with ease. Just watching this thing fly around and flip around mid air is a sight to behold. The flying thing has been created by engineers at Festo in Esslingen, Germany and is based on the inverted cube shape that was discovered by Paul Schatz.

Flying Thing Propels Itself By Flipping Inside Out

This flying and flipping object consists of six identical prisms that are filled with helium to ensure that it stays afloat. The prism structures are held together by a carbon fiber framework and there are three on board motors that help it propel forward in the desired direction. It can be controlled using something as simple as a mobile app and if you happen to live in Hannover, Germany, then you can go take a look at it personally do its thing.

There is no set use for this flying maverick and there are many possibilities that come up as you take a look at it move around. Obviously human flight is out with all that crazy flipping, but maybe it can serve as an automated exploration vehicle in either deep ocean conditions or in space explorations where it can explore planets with thicker atmosphere. In such conditions, maybe it can manage without the use of much power, but how it functions in denser atmospheric conditions and in fluids will be a factor. So will its ability to withstand pressure, which does not seem like much.

Via: Popsci

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