Nespresso coffee capsules turned into rustic handicraft curtains

We are familiar with Nespresso coffee capsules that contain coffee hermitically sealed inside aluminum capsules. For most of us the left over Nespresso caps are a waste, but the fact that they are made out of aluminum makes them recyclable and reusable. For the ones who are eco conscious, there are many ways how you can put these to use. For example people have tried making illuminating lamp garlands, artificial flowers, etc with them and today we are here to discuss about these absolutely stunning curtains made from colorful Nespresso coffee caps.

Curtain made of Nespresso coffee capsules

Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and can be used over and over again. Take the example of trash aluminum cans, which are recycled time and again and put up on store shelves. But, of course that involves hard core recycling. Reuse is also a good DIY option and allows you to be creative and design things that suit your taste and also your requirement.

For the curtains you see in the pictures, the crafter, used empty, clear Nespresso caps, flattened with the help of a nylon hammer. Then these caps were glued securely to nylon strings. Several arrangements can be used for the curtains, only you have to be creative enough to do that. The living space you decorate these curtains with will surely exhibit a rustic look, expressing your preference for the rugged.

Via: Recyclart

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