Japanese designer uses aluminum panels as planters for building facade

Every year designers around the world purpose innovative designs for school, commercial and residential buildings. In every new design we see new innovations and ideas highlighted by the designer. Today, though these designs seem to be fantasy of some architecture genius, tomorrow these buildings will have to be the reality if we want to save our mother earth from environmental hazards such as pollution, global warming etc.

Green Cast

Talking about new designs, this new project by Kengo Kuma is an amazing example of green architecture. The front of the building has been covered using planters made out of aluminum die cast panels, which will also provide space for the facilities using the building. The aluminum panels, which also serve as planters are used from 3 to 6 and are casted in a single piece rather than separate parts. Each panel has been placed in a slanting position and the cast of panel is made of decayed styrene foam, which makes appearance of the surface organic. Apart from this, equipment like air reservoir for ventilation, watering hose and the downpipes are also installed at the back of the panels so that front of the building can provide enough space completing the system.

Via: Kkaa

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