MRCs by DHL Supply Group of Japan a Thing to be Praised

DHL, the international company of logistics, has come up with the interesting idea of developing MRCs or “multipurpose returnable containers” which will be used to ship precision equipment. This idea was put forward by the Japanese supply chain division in the beginning of December.


Basic structure of MRCs

MRCs are actually reusable containers which can be resourceful up to 100 times owing to the fact that they are very durable. The previous containers have been modified, which were used only once to ship precision equipments. The container uses hardboards made of recycled paper to form its frame.  The absorption of shock is taken care of by the two layers of urethane film of the frame, which act as buffer. The weight of the containers is also reduced by 50% compared to that of the previous containers. In addition, the MRCs provide a maximum load capacity, almost 2.5 times more than the previously used containers.

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These MRCs also serve as an environment-friendly product since about 3.7 tons of packing materials are saved every year and also, there is a reduction of about four tons of carbon emissions. They are very versatile and it has been seen that many products of different sizes can be kept at the same time. Storing them for future use is also very convenient for MRCs because they can be folded and thus can be kept in a small storage area.


Friendly alliance with DHL

There is a three-year agreement of DHL with DHL Supply Chain Japan since they have signed an international pact for Fujitsu Limited’s IA server repair service by using the containers. There are more than 55 packaging operations in Asia Pacific which is currently run by DHL Supply Chain.

The advantages

The prime motto of the MRCs are- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The frames help the container to minimize shocks and vibrations, and encourage the efficiency of work and its durability remains intact even after using it for 100 times. Cardboard and foam absorption materials are no longer used during shipping of different materials which has become highly economical for recycling and renewing the containers used previously. The President of DHL Chain Supply is proud to announce the eco-friendly instance of this newly developed material and is happy to see that the customers are equally satisfied with the service which they are providing with the help of these recyclable containers.


Proud to be part of the company, says managers

Shuichi Kawamura also promised to keep looking for solutions to benefit the consumer’s business firms and also, constant support for more innovative ideas has been assured by the successful company.  DHL is a trusted company all over the world and is renowned for its expertise in sending goods far and wide, by ship, road, rail and flight and international mail services to its customers. Superior service quality to customers is assured by DHL and thus the Japan Supply Chain has come up with this bright idea of making something user friendly and cost effective which can help the business in the long run. People seem to be very much satisfied with the MRCs since they have got a versatile nature and won’t cause any harm to the environment. Also these are hard and malleable, which will take care of any kind of brisk movement or vibrations while transporting products from one part of the world to another. Jerome Gillet, Vice President of Consumer and Packaging of this Chain Group is very pleased to announce this news to the world, which shows their grand success in building up a huge business firm across the world.

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