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Let’s Give Nature a Gift This New Year

Well it’s New Year and time to shower your loved ones with loads of gifts and presents but how about giving nature its New Year gift every time you wrap a gift for your relatives. Confused? Ever thought about using alternate eco-friendly gift wraps against the conventional ones made by cutting down trees?

Well this year make a new resolution of using eco-friendly gift wrapping techniques to protect the nature’s resources.

Here are some amazing gift wrap ideas that you will surely find interesting.


Re-Usable Gift wrapping bags-why always wrapping paper?

Instead try those reusable cloths. There are various types of wrapping clothes available made of Nylon, Cotton or other materials that would save paper. And think about it if every family starts using these reusable products or recycled products how much paper can we save? What’s the harm in thinking about the environment when it also makes your gifts look more unique?

Re-Cycled Paper

If you still want to wrap your gift with a paper so try and use recycled paper.100% recycled gift wrapping papers are available in the market. Although you will have to give in some extra efforts to get them but the end result is that we can save so many trees so obviously the end result is worth the effort. “Green Field Paper Company” is one of those companies that can provide you these kinds of papers.

The best part is that these papers made of natural inks are bio-degradable and will break-down quickly after use. Obviously worth a try!

Paper from Alternative Sources- Well if you are not aware let me inform you that it is possible to manufacture paper without cutting down trees. Banana fibre, hemp, flax, Cotton can be chemically treated to make paper. The best part of these papers is not just that they save environment and habitat but they can be made from fewer chemicals as per a recent study. Websites like “Paper Mojo”, “E-source” etc. give you this kind of paper.


From Artists and Crafters

Let’s get classy this season. There are various artists and crafters that make their products and sell them online. “Etsy” is such a website that gives you these options .Consider the positive aspects of this you not only save trees, also give these craftsmen a chance to show their creativity but also you can support small scale business of these artists. Some of these artists use natural and vegetable based inks to display their creativity while some other use recycled papers.

So a good chance to help so many people isn’t it?

Plant able Paper

A reusable paper following the true sense of the word. A Colorado based company Bloomin has come up with the kind of seed paper which after unwrapping can be planted in the soil and in spring time they can bloom into plants (yes you read that right). And this company does not harm any natural resources to make this kind of unique paper. It makes them from recycled paper, natural vegetable based inks and even a packaging technique that makes it as eco-friendly as possible. Truly an idea that will help the nature!

There are several gift wrap ideas given above and I suggest you to switch to these eco-friendly gift wrap because this will help us protect our mother nature. Think about it after wrapping gifts with those beautiful papers we throw them once the gift is un-wrapped so why not either shift to re-usable paper or recycled paper that can minimize such wastage. Even using clothes and other materials will also do enough for the cause. Think about them, it’s high time we do our bit to save the earth!










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