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MIT team makes a DIY wooden cell phone

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DIY projects are always innovative and amazing so is this cell phone created by the people working at the MIT media lab. The body of the cell phone is made entirely out of laser cut wood and features large case and big buttons. There are flexures beneath the surfaces of the body so that it is easy to press buttons. Although it is just a prototype, the phone is fully functional and you can make and receive calls using it just like a regular cell phone.

MIT Makes Wooden Cell Phone

Featuring a 1.8-inch, 160 x 128 TFT LCD display the phone uses a regular SIM card and can operate in any GSM network. The quality of the phone is impressive though it lacks most of the other features. According to David Mellis, a PhD Student at MIT, phone can be made capable of text messaging and few other features by upgrading the same hardware, but it’s not possible to play angry birds on the same phone.

It took parts worth of about US$150 for the making of this wooden cell phone. If we compare it to our modern day smart phones it lacks lots of features, but the unique look and the green material can always make it a piece of desire for an eco geek.

Via: Huffingtonpost

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