S-CARGO: Electric goods transportation system that promises to be planet friendly

While we are most often concerned about how transportation on the road needs to go clean and emission free, but that barely ever includes concern over transportation of goods. We are largely consumed by our own vehicles and how future designs could help them cut down on carbon emissions and particulate pollutants. And that is understandable as most of the emissions that emanate from the roads of the world largely stem from our commuting needs. But transporting goods in an equally clean and planet friendly fashion is necessary. And the S-Cargo system designed by Jan Wielert attempts to achieve precisely that.


The S-Cargo is an all electric goods transportation system that aims to cut down completely on fossil fuel usage with the use of rail cars that are hooked up to a rail system that already exists. The rail cars get charged, while they are on the tracks and this is stored up in a battery. Once the rail cars reach their destination, they will be towed away from electric trucks, which will use the battery of the rail car for their own power. This way, the trucks need not worry about hooking up for an electric charge elsewhere.

The idea is simple, uses the existing infrastructure and does not really need any major revamp or technological advances to put it into place. Instead of depending on gasoline trucks, it enables drivers to turn toward electric and does so by smartly storing up charge, while the carts are on the track. Efficient and emission free, this is a cargo transportation system that would serve well if it turned into reality.

Via: Openoutput

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