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The Minimalist Gramophone: A simple yet functional device

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Music systems of today are fancy pieces of equipment capable of playing music without the use of any cassette or disc. Thanks to the iPod, PC and other such systems, we can listen to our favourite tracks with just the push of a button. But, despite this modern gadgetry, there’s something to be said about mechanisms of old equipment like the gramophone or phonograph, which revolutionized music listening and recording. Operating using a disc and a needle, it paved the way for audio recording in the 20th century. Now, with the use of modern music systems, the gramophone has become a relic to be marvelled at and treasured.

Minimalist Gramophone

Buying a fully functional gramophone would probably give you a set back of a few thousand dollars today. They’re just too antique for a cheap price. German designer Livia Ritthaler has invented what she calls the Minimalist Gramophone. The unique instrument has been transformed into one that’s contemporary and stylish without the bulky box power mechanism found in standard gramophones.

Ritthaler’s invention is built using a cone of paper, a needle, and a rotating plate that has a central stick. Since it doesn’t have a power mechanism, users need to work it by hand. Granted, that won’t make for very leisurely listening but you have to admit, it’s one of a kind. Imagine having it in your living room and showing it off to your pals.

Unfortunately, we have no idea if Ritthaler’s Minimalist Gramophone will ever enter commercial production or if her one off item is even for sale. What we do know is that it looks pretty simple to make and requires just a bit of wood, paper and metal. Suffice it to say that if you ever want to try your hand at making something functional, Ritthaler’s invention is the ideal inspiration.

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