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Microsoft is the biggest buyer of green energy in the world

by Ecofriend1874

Every company and each individual today worries about the negative effects of global warming, increased emissions of the green house gases and more. These negatives have made people more cautious about greener and sustainable living. Technology has played a massive role in making greener approaches being readily acceptable.

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Right from reducing emissions with electric cars, to inventing smart devices for homes and offices, to reduce energy consumptions, technology has been contributing to it increasingly. Microsoft is one such company that contributes towards sustainable development like none other.

Green Approach of Microsoft towards sustainable development

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Microsoft has evolved as one of the greener companies operating throughout the world. The Environmental Protection Agency has listed Microsoft at number 2, in the list of top 100 green energy purchasers in the United States. Microsoft works on green energy, and purchases nearly 2.5 billion kilowatt- hours of clean and green energy annually. This green energy so purchased is enough to power all the US operations that the company performs on an annual basis.

Microsoft as a company proudly boasts about this measure and states that their annual purchase of green energy is equivalent to avoiding nearly 236,000 average carbon dioxide emissions, which the average American homes produce, by using normal electricity.

Microsoft purchases its green electricity from variant sources such as biogas plants, wind energy plants, hydro, and solar power plants etc. Microsoft also purchases energy from renewable energy companies such as Sterling Planet, PNM, and more. It also believes in producing its very own green power on site with the help of solar panels.

Big companies going energy green

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Microsoft has surely gone green in a big way as far as the energy consumption is concerned. This is the reason why Microsoft is listed in both the Fortune 500 and Tech & Telecom lists of green performers of the world. However, Microsoft is not alone in the race of going green. You win be pleasantly surprised to know that just after Microsoft comes Google and Apple who purchase 700 million kWh and 600 million kWh of green energy respectively.

Big companies have taken climate change and environmental aspects very seriously and green energy consumption is a just a small reflection of it. More importantly, purchase of green energy and power by the bigger giants of the markets serves as an inducement for setting up of green energy plants on larger level.


Microsoft is the world’s largest buyer of green energy and all it operations in the US are powered by this green electricity. In addition to Microsoft, Google and Apple are also amongst green electricity buyers of the world.

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