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MEtreePOLIS: A self sufficient futuristic cityscape

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MEtreePOLIS is a remarkable design that showcases a futuristic city wherein Power Plants are responsible for harnessing clean energy from the sun and wind in order to make it sustainable in itself. The cityscape is almost arranged just like as a forest strata, as at the top of the canopy of greenery there are the mighty Power Plants that harness all the energy from the sun and water out of the clouds. The canopy is low in height in the suburban reaches as well as in the dense urban townships. The MEtreePOLIS does not have the present urban concept of streets and skyscrapers as it only comprises of a middle level range of structures which actually contain the urban life making it a very different surface layout altogether.


Apart from the landscape being very efficient, the organization of the traffic is also very efficient as hydrogen-powered pods ply along the roads and are auto-piloted. These pods have a swarm intelligence and at times they functions like river banks for the city dwellers. Various pods, such as mail carriers, private vehicles and larger pods form the transportation of the MEtreePOLIS. Inside the MEtreePOLIS the present urban structure grows on the historical remains of the previous environment, making it a part of the current shape of the city. In this way, the old structures are preserved and also renovated. Hence, in the futuristic MEtreePOLIS the surviving structures of the 20th century all adapt to this new cityscape and live off from the energy that it provides. Hence, in this city, the buildings are more or less producers of energy rather than consumers.

In the MEtreePOLIS, there is a very complex bioweb in which various socioeconomic groups live in harmony both vertically and horizontally. The Power Plants, nevertheless, are the lifelines of the MEtreePOLIS as they elevate the bio grid from the surface of the earth to the sunny areas. The demography in this modern city is a new and evolved one in which nuclear family homes coexist with nature. This futuristic city is definitely a fun place to be in with its natural recreational activities that become a part of the routine of its inhabitants. Furthermore, the city shuns wasting of energy with the help of the Power Plants which also help to clean the air. The advanced natural features of the MEtreePOLIS forms the main intellectual and economic wealth of the city which is a result of the creativity of the people.

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