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Metal T-rex: Terrifying Dinosaur made from recycled junk

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Go green is a buzz word these days and recycling waste material to create beautiful pieces of art or daily use stuff is a common practice being adopted by everyone. Here is unique design that makes use of junk to create a horrifying creature. Artist Andrew Chase seems to be inspired and influenced by the movie Jurassic Park so much that he ended up creating the sculpture of a dinosaur, named Metal T-rex, which is made using scrap metal found in junk yards. It is creative, eco friendly and at the same time terrifying.

Horrifying Recycled Dinosaurs

Over two feet tall, and six feet long, this recycled dinosaur reflects the hard work done by Chase. Collecting scrap metal from the junk yards is not an easy job and it took Andrew several days for gathering the required material and creating this sculpture.

Plumbing pipes, transmission parts and unidentifiable widgets are some of the materials that were used to create this metal lizard. All this scrap was welded together in a manner that resulted in the creation of a monster looking Dinosaur. Its glowing yellow lights and sharp metal teeth give it a realistic look and although it looks scary, there is no way it will harm you.

Unfortunately, this horrifying metal dinosaur could not find a place at the Natural History Museum, but the artist deserves a pat on his back for crafting an awe inspiring sculpture that will terrorize you. Children will love this metal dino and desire to possess a smaller replica of the same for their rooms.

Well, check out the adjacent gallery, because this awesome dino does deserve to be seen from every angle.

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