Local couple invents a green glove dryer

Two years ago, Karen and Ryan a Michigan couple, noticed that their children always had wet gloves because of the snow and the ice. They were desperate to find a permanent solution to this problem. They were strong headed about finding a solution to the wet gloves, and this actually became a real motivating factor for the invention of the green glove dryer.

Ryan and Karen explained in order to find a solution to the inevitable wet gloves; they spent hours in the Home Depot, looking for things that could help them invent something of real worth. They came home with a bunch of plumbing and PVC products. Then the experimentation started in the in the garage, and the invention made Karen the happiest mom ever.

Working process of the green glove dryer

green glove dryer 5

Yes, the green glove dryer was born in the garage of a local couple of Michigan. The working process of the dryer is quite simple and easy to understand. All you need to do is to simply put the articles on and then place it over the floor register. This forces the air upwards through the article that you wish to dry.

Dryer can help dry many articles not just gloves

green glove dryer 2

Although the couple invented the green glove dryer with the intention to solve the problem of wet gloves. Nonetheless, the important thing to notice is that this dryer not just helps in drying wet gloves; it works tremendously well for boots, hats, shoes, and more. In fact, the green glove dryer can even be used with wall registers that touch the floor.

Selling of the idea

green glove dryer 3

The couple decided to sell their invention and the idea in June last year. They sold it to the company, WL Molding of Michigan. There the green glove dryer was made and assembled duly for increased household usage. Today, the green glove dryer is available at all local stores, in and around Michigan.

The Couple who made it big

green glove dryer 1

Ryan and Karen say that they know nothing about the retail and the business that this product can generate, all they had in mind, was to solve the problem for all parents around the world. However, they have indeed contributed more than their bit, to sustainable living and development.


The green glove dryer is the invention by a local couple of Michigan, and that too not in a high-end laboratory, but in their garage. This is a simple dryer that works extremely well in drying not just the wet gloves, but also wet shoes, boots, hats etc.

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