The eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant

Emtiaz Designing Group has been the masterminds behind the clever idea of designing, a salt restaurant for the very first time in Shiraz, South Iran. The salt restaurant is designed after being inspired by the picturesque natural salt mines, and Marharloo salt lake in the region. The designers have imprinted the quintessential beauty of it in the indoors beautifully, making it one of the most enticing eco friendly creations of the world.

Two positives of the salt restaurant

eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant 2

This eco friendly salt restaurant of the Iran has been largely appreciated because of the thought behind its creation. This restaurant is built with the help of salt collected from the natural salt mines and salt lakes, which serves a double purpose.

First, salt is a green building material and second it is an excellent air purifier. This largely helps in saving of money and other resources, which would have been otherwise, spent on extensive air purification models that would in turn use more energy. Using salt as building material helps in saving resources, and money, by making the salt restaurant energy efficient, in all natural and environment friendly ways.

Eco friendly building, eco friendly interiors, and eco friendly making

eco friendly Iranian salt restaurant 1

The salt restaurant has adopted eco friendly measures in almost everything and beyond any comparison. Right from using the eco friendly building material to eco friendly interiors, they have done it all.

The designers mixed the salt with natural gums to turn it into a strong and natural building material that does not dissolve. Salt acts as a natural air purifier that cleanses the air of irritants and pathogens like bacteria and fungi. It also cleans the air of allergens like pollen and smoke and makes the air free of air pollutants as well.

This salt restaurant has adopted sustainable approaches in a giant manner. Using hemp based building material and eco friendly substances in the making of the building is surely an appreciable measure.

The greener innovations in this restaurant do not end here. In addition to making it more eco friendly, the designers have made use of recycled soda cans to make tables, chairs and other interiors for the restaurant. The designers have carefully fulfilled the measures of it being an eco friendly idea to eco friendly making, and to eco friendly living. These magnificent greener and sustainable approaches have earned a big name for the salt restaurant worldwide.


Eco friendly salt restaurant in Iran is one of the most eco friendly buildings one can ever come across. Right from using eco friendly building material i.e. salt, to crafting the most eco friendly interiors, this restaurant has it all.

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